Umpire Tim Timmons interferes with Brandon Crawford on infield popup, makes lousy call

You thought the attempted hidden ball trick was the craziest moment in the San Francisco Giants 10-1 victory over the San Diego Padres on Friday night?

OK, well, if you do, you might be correct, but you can't make it official until you check out what happened on Alexi Amarista's high pop fly in the bottom of the third inning.

With a runner on third and one out in the inning, Amarista's clear goal was to hit a flyball into the outfield for an RBI. However, he ended up popping up Chad Gaudin's 1-1 pitch just behind the third base bag. With the corner infielders playing in, third baseman Pablo Sandoval had to backpedal on the play. That meant shortstop Brandon Crawford had a much better angle and easier path to the ball, so he drifted over to make what should have been an easy grab.

Here's the problem: Third base umpire Tim Timmons was more concerned with avoiding Sandoval, so he actually ends up boxing out Crawford, which allowed the baseball to land on the chalk for what should have been a very strange base hit.

Here's the next problem: Tim Timmons immediately rules the ball foul despite the fact that he was looking right at the spot where the ball landed.

Sure, he was a little off balance, but the he was right there, and any evidence he might have needed to make a better call was also in front of him as the marking on the line was clear. He just... blew it. Or perhaps he felt like he owed to the Giants after botching the out for them. It's one or the other, but two wrongs certainly don't make a right.

On a sidenote, that was a terrific subtle attempt by Brandon Crawford to cover the marking with his right foot before he thought Timmons looked down. Had Timmons not already made up his mind, that might have actually worked just as well, but I think the ultimate outcome here is that Timmons probably experienced the longest ten seconds of his umpiring career.

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