Umpire Jerry Layne ejects Mike Scioscia without saying a word (apparently)

David Brown
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Irate Los Angeles Angels manager Mike Scioscia vs. stone-faced umpire Jerry Layne: This has to be one of the quirkiest ejections in major league history. Scioscia got run in the second inning Tuesday night for arguing a call at first base by Layne, though Scioscia was the only guy doing the talking.

After listening to about three seconds of Scioscia's argument after Geovany Soto of the Texas Rangers was ruled safe on a throwing error, Layne signaled that Scioscia had been ejected. It was kind of abrupt, but Scioscia must have said a magic word. What happened next was much more strange: Humorously, Layne did not appear to utter a single word as Scioscia continued to give him a piece of his mind for nearly another minute. All Layne did was stare back at him. He would not give Scioscia any satisfaction.

It should be noted: Layne appeared to get the call correct. It was bang-bang, anyway.

And the Rangers won 14-11 in 10 innings after the Angels blew a four-run lead. Other than that, skipper, how did you enjoy the game?

In addition to the Ervin Santana Dodgeball Tournament, the Andrelton Simmons Bat Trick Challenge and the Chad Qualls Fist Pump-a-Palooza, the All-Star game should add a manager-umpire staring contest to the festivities in 2014. The favorite is Jerry Layne.

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