Tyler Colvin clueless about Jhonny Peralta homer until it lands

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At first blush, outfielder Tyler Colvin of the San Francisco Giants probably had most of AT&T Park persuaded that he was camped under a fiy ball hit by Jhonny Peralta in the first inning Thursday. A moment later, Colvin's puzzled body language suggested he had lost the ball in the harsh glare of midday, which meant the St. Louis Cardinals were going to get at least a run home, and Peralta was going to reach second base, or possibly third.

"Colvin can't find it! This ball will drop," Cards broadcaster Dan McLaughlin predicted.

'What? What?'
'What? What?'

A moment after that, the ball did drop — into the stands for a two-run home run. Appropriately, a "Shock Top" beer ad hung on a banner attached to the left-field fence near where the ball landed. Colvin appeared shocked, all right. How could he mislead us like that? The nerve!

TV cameras showed a closeup of Colvin's face as he tracked Peralta's fly ball:


Oh, no wonder. Turn around, briiiiiight eyes.

Gregor Blanco had rushed over from center field, but he was too late. If Colvin had tracked the ball the entire way, it's remotely possible he could have made a leaping grab at the fence — at least an attempt — but it probably was gone no matter what. "Too high," as the fans from "Major League" would say.

It was a bad omen for Giants left-hander Madison Bumgarner, who allowed four earned runs over five innings in a 7-2 Cardinals victory.

Colvin did have a great moment in the field later, throwing out Seth Maness (yes, the pitcher) at the plate on an attempt to score via sacrifice fly in the eighth. That'll help the old plus-minus column on defense (which doesn't actually exist).

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