The Two Miltons: Picture the Cubs' Bradley in all his wrath, joy

As maybe you've heard, Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley(notes) tossed another tantrum Friday afternoon, throwing his batting helmet, attacking a Gatorade cooler (sigh) and getting into a screaming match with manager Lou Piniella.

Having seen enough player-on-Gatorade violence already, and probably tired of watching Bradley go off without doing so inside the batter's box for once, Piniella ordered Mr. Anger Management to go home in the sixth inning of Friday's 5-4 victory against the White Sox.

The Cubs knew what they were getting with Bradley, whose temper has eclipsed his considerable batting ability since he broke into the majors. They just wish he was heading to the All-Star Game, like last season, and wasn't hitting .237/.355./.379 for the $30 million they're paying him.

After Jeff Kent(notes) retired, we put together a collage of his greatest angry moments. Milton might not be retiring, but getting told by your manager to go home in the middle of a game represents a low point, so it seems like a good time for another collage.

Another infuriating part of the Bradley experience? He's not always on a rampage. It's bonus collage time!

See? Milton can get happy, too. Paul Sullivan in the Chicago Tribune writes that Bradley finds himself uncomfortable on the Cubs. Milton might be a little self-absorbed. Can Milton find happiness on the Cubs? Should anyone care if he can't find some RBIs first?