Twins’ Justin Morneau high fives invisible teammates after milestone home run

David Brown
Big League Stew

Minnesota Twins slugger Justin Morneau hit a significant home run Wednesday night and, like any other major leaguer, he expected to celebrate back in the dugout. Only, his teammates decided to prank him and act like Morneau wasn't there, leaving him no choice but to high five air for a few moments in response to the silent treatment.

Even the adorable aunt-like baby boomer woman in the stands at Target Field who caught the souvenir got high fives for the home run:

No love for Justin? Not only had Morneau tied the legendary Kirby Puckett for fifth on the franchise's all-time home run list, but had gone deep for the first time in almost two months. Finally! Tying Puckett and ending that drought requires some love, you Twinkies!

Eventually, his Twins teammates came to life and greeted Morneau and he no longer looked like a nerd. Teammate Brian Dozier even said he expected Morneau, who only has three home runs this season, to reach 20 real soon because "they come in bunches." As do high fives.

This snippet from the Associated Press explains the Twins punking their guy:

His teammates teased him in the dugout after he rounded the bases, pretending to ignore him, a silent-treatment trick instigated by manager Ron Gardenhire, according to Dozier. So Morneau gave out a bunch of air high-fives, a light moment on a night when several Twins enjoyed fine performances.

''You can stand there and look like an idiot or high-five the air like an idiot. I chose to high-five the air like an idiot. It was fun,'' Morneau said.

Oh, you guys. You like Morneau. You really like him.

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