The Twi-Nighter: The Opening Week that was

No, Opening Week isn't over just yet.

Yes, there is still a whole Friday slew of games and an entire Saturday slate before we get into the second week and wondering if those hot or cold starts are really, you know, fuhreal.

But for my purposes at the Stew, it's time to look back at the week that was. This will be a weekly end-of feature and should provide a little gathering and conversation place for over the weekend.

So without further delay.

The Top 10 Opening Week stories ...

10. Bengie Molina hits cleanup for GiantsNot that there's anything ... wait, there's plenty wrong with that. Good luck this year, G'ints.

9. Orioles set Camden Yards attendance low with 10,505 at Tuesday's game — And that was with the Tampa Bay Rays in town. (No, I wasn't trying to be sarcastic there, either.)

8. A-Rod outearns entire Marlins roster by $6 million — Because would it really be Opening Day without a story about the imbalanced baseball payroll structure?

7. Fenway Park hawk divebombs 'A-Rod' — As if Yankees or Red Sox blogs need any more fodder.

6. Yankees Opening Day gets rained outI blame the Bleacher Creatures.

5. Royals sweep Tigers in Detroit to start seasonCalendar sales skyrocket.

4. Kosuke Fukudome makes friends with the localsLocals respond with poorly translated signs.

3. President Bush splits the aisle at new Nats ParkRyan Zimmerman leaves no such doubt.

2. Pedro Martinez gets hurt in his first startBut at least he threw a few pitches first.

1. Johnny Cueto sets the bar impossibly highThe next Pedro?

Already in the books ... (Today's scores)

White Sox 8, Tigers 5 — That's oh-4-the-season for Detroit.

Astros 4, Cubs 3 — No SBs for Berkman today.

Brewers 13, Giants 4 — Anything less than a weekend sweep will be a disappointment for the Brewers.

D'backs 6, Rockies 0 — Still in progress

Tonight's pitching matchups ... (All times EST)

National League

Pirates (M. Morris) at Marlins (S. Olsen) 7:10

Phillies (K. Kendrick) at Reds (J. Fogg) 7:10

Mets (J. Maine) at Braves (T. Hudson) 7:35

Nationals (O. Perez) at Cardinals (B. Looper) 8:15

Dodgers (H. Kuroda) at Padres (J. Germano) 10:05

American League

Mariners (J. Washburn) at Orioles (S. Trachsel) 7:05

Rays (A. Sonnanstine) at Yankees (I. Kennedy) 7:05

Red Sox (T. Wakefield) at Blue Jays (S. Marcum) 7:15

Royals (J. Bale) at Twins (S. Baker) 8:10

Rangers (K. Gabbard) at Angels (D. Moseley) 10:05

Indians (P. Byrd) at A's (J. Duchscherer) 10:05

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