The Twi-Nighter: On Gut Checks and underage country singers

As I plan to make the life-changing decision of getting a dog, most likely under the influence of many, many mint juleps, please enjoy this review of the week in the Stew ...

Andy Van Slyke appeared as the latest Answer Man — Still wanting Barry Bonds to take a few steps in toward Francisco Cabrera and home plate.

Baron von Snakin stopped by to tell us why the Royals shouldn't sign Barry Bonds — Reasons included electrocuted kayakers and already having a DH with the initials B.B.

LOST met baseball on Thursday's StewThen baseball met LOST that same night.

Kirk Gibson's home run was told through baseball cards — Somewhere the Eck got the shakes.

We all experienced the inaugural Gut Check time — While Gaylord's belly eluded most of us.

The mystery of the Billy Ripken card was relived — Thanks to a Tom Gorzelanny bobblehead.

Barry Zito showed us his "Wow" faceWhile George Brett showed Tommy Lasorda his "O" face.

The anniversary of Lee Elia's rant was celebrated — With a profanity or two of our own.

Major League Baseball told us they may be reading out blogs for steroid info — Were disappointed when they visited here.

Roger Clemens kicked off a whirlwind week with news about Mindy McCreadyThen danced with a boa constrictor, bringing back our favorite memories of Brit-Brit.

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