The Twi-Nighter: What to drink for Randy Johnson's return

If you're an East Coast-based fan of the National League, you might want to down a couple of Lou Piniellas (Red Bull + 40 oz.) before tonight's action. Since the only senior circuit games will be played on the West Coast, you'll need what I'm assuming will be the mother of all energy boosts (even if it doesn't go down so smooth).

It'll be worth the swallow, though, because over in San Francisco, Randy Johnson will be making his first start since June 28, 2007 and this ridiculous staged fight photo with Hideki Okajima from last December. The Big Unit is only 56 strikeouts away from Roger Clemens for second place on the all-time strikeouts list and will help replace Doug Davis for the next few months.

Rumor has it that the game will be streamed for free* on because of a local television commitment to the Phoenix Suns. So, really, you don't have any excuse not to crack an Olde English and enjoy the sight of a very tall 44-year-old man throwing fastballs, do you?

(*So long as you register for the team's website.)

Tonight's pitching matchups (All times EST)


Pirates (Z. Duke) at Dodgers (H. Kuroda) 10:10

Diamondbacks (R. Johnson) at Giants (J. Sanchez) 10:15


Red Sox (J. Lester) at Indians (J. Westbrook) 7:05

Blue Jays (D. McGowan) at Orioles (M. Albers) 7:05

Twins (N. Blackburn) at Tigers (J. Bonderman) 7:05

Yankees (I. Kennedy) at Rays (A. Sonnanstine) 7:10

Angels (E. Santana) at Rangers (J. Jennings) 8:05

A's (G. Smith) at White Sox (M. Buehrle) 8:11

Royals (Z. Greinke) at Mariners (J. Washburn) 10:10

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