The Twi-Nighter: On D-Wright and curly Brewer mustaches

Aaaand ... that's a wrap. As I prepare for a weekend full of paying a bit of attention to the NFL draft and cursing the Bears' offense, enjoy the Stew's week in review ...

The current Brewers might be trying to do the impossible. — Nobody tops Rollie. Nobody.

The Cleveland Indians should sign Barry Bonds.Unless the Mariners get to him first.

David Wright had a few answers for David Brown.So did Erin Andrews.

Jon Rauch scares us all with his racket-sized hands. — How do you special order Isotoners?

Wayne Krivsky lost his job in Cincinnati.— But luckily kept his sense of style.

By a 3-1 margin, Lenny Dykstra can be considered a Phillie. — In not-as-diappointing news, Mets also drop 'worst first baseman' to Jason Giambi and Yankees in New York vote.

A-Rod has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to onfield celebrations. — Then 80-some readers show their inability to comprehend satire, brand the rest of us as Yankee haters.

Any other year and Marisa Miller would be considered for the Cubs pitching staff — She's welcome at Wrigley any time, though.

Fan gets thrown over a railing in Yankee Stadium brawl. — When's the rematch?

"The Pope" Donn Pall is alive and well. — Still appreciates holy nickname.

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