Tweets can turn sour when it comes to twade, uh, trade rumors

Caution, Stewies: The trade deadline is 60-some hours away, and the Internets are awash with apparently false Trade Tweets!

First, a Twitter account called @WEEI850AM — named for a sports radio station in Boston — dishes that reporter Rob Bradford is saying the Red Sox are close to a deal for Indians left-hander Cliff Lee(notes).

Shortly thereafter, Bradford's personal Twitter page reports that Rob Bradford has reported no such thing. Bradford's first explanation: Hackers!

Later, @bradfo updates: @WEEI850AM is a "fake" account. By looking at its number of followers — zero — this makes sense. This is the real WEEI on Twitter. Got it?

What in the name of @TonyLaRussa is going on here? These kids today and their Internet graffiti. What's a baseball fan to do when he or she can't take Twitter at face value anymore?

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