TV cameras catch Ron Washington smoking in Texas Rangers dugout

David Brown
Big League Stew

Ooh, Ron Washington, you're in truh-buhhhhhhhhl. Or maybe not. Does Jim Leyland get cited by authorities for smoking in the dugout? If not, Wash shouldn't either.

Regardless, TV cameras covering the Texas Rangers broadcast briefly showed the team's beloved manager taking a puff from a cigarette of some sort during the ninth inning of an 11-3 victory against the Seattle Mariners on Sunday.

Smokin' in the dugout. I tell ya' Wash was smokin' in the dugout.

Now, umpire don't you fill me up with your rules, 'cause everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in ... there.

As Steve DelVecchio of Larry Brown Sports points out, the home dugout is not one of the designated smoking areas inside of Rangers Ballpark. And it's possible it could have been one of those vapor E-cigarettes that actor Stephen Dorff likes to smoke. Then again, it might be one of those hand-rolled dealies. No matter, it's pretty much the hardest habit to break of them all, so The Stew sends its best to Wash.

The clip is funny because the cutaway is so brief, as if the director realized he was blowing the whistle on the hometown manager:

It might be worth noting, however, that Washington smoking in the dugout might be one of the things that helped drive slugger Mark Teixeira away from the Rangers. Or else it was the possibility of getting Elvis Andrus, Matt Harrison and Neftali Feliz in a trade with the Braves. One of those things.

From the New York Daily News in 2010:

Former teammates and a club executive said Teixeira complained of Washington's penchant for profanity and smoking in the dugout. Washington said those objections never got back to him. But he does remember the confrontation.

"One time I had something to say and he was the guy I said it to," Washington said. "He said something back. And I went right back at him. It was just about the game of baseball, his ideas versus my ideas. But I am the manager."

"Every player and manager may have disagreements about stuff, but it wasn't an issue," Teixeira said in his only tacit allusion to conflict. "The first time I saw him when I was playing with the Braves, I gave him a big hug. ... He called me when I got traded. I thanked him and Jon Daniels for the opportunity to move on. It was great."

Except for his clothes and breath smelling of disgusting burnt tobacco. No, Teix didn't really say that.

Update: I almost forgot about when Ron Washington met "Flashdance."

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