'Turn on the Rays-Red Sox game! Turn it on quick!

Or so said all of the five IMs and texts I just received at the same time, all of which implored me to watch all hell breaking loose in Boston after Tampa's James Shields (right) hit Coco Crisp in retaliation for last night's spat over Crisp's slide into second.

I'm pretty sure someone is going to win an award for that photo.

For the details behind it, the Globe's Extra Bases has the play by play:

Crisp dropped his bat, flipped his helmet and charged the mound. He dodged Shields's punch and then hit Shields before being taken down by catcher Dioner Navarro. Tampa DH Jonny Gomes got in a few shots on Crisp as both dugouts emptied and jumped into the fray. When it was sorted out, Crisp and Shields were ejected (as well as Jonny Gomes). Righthander Grant Balfour took over on the mound for Tampa Bay.

Also, in case you're wondering, the answer is yes. I'm the one who told Crisp he should be practicing his bailing out techniques earlier today.

UPDATE: Here's the video and three more great photos:

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