The true life story of the Jersey Shore's fake Joba Chamberlain

Last week, we posted the story of the enterprising young fellow named Ryan Ward who turned his resemblance to Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain into a summer of free bagels and babes on the Jersey shore before being arrested by police and then freed on $10,000 bail.

Well, as one might have suspected, the New York Post came after the story with all guns firing and turned it into the "only in New York" (or in this case, the Jersey shore) story it is famous for.

The paper's best headline so far?

'Joba' bedded 100 gals*

(Personally, from what I know about the shore, I would also have placed gals between quotes.)

From the Post:

Ryan Ward, 29, an unemployed Asbury Park resident, says he used the striking resemblance to reach home plate with women as many as 100 times since he began stealing the fireballer's identity in June.

"Well, I hooked up with over 62 at least," he said, making reference to Chamberlain's number. "I got slapped a few times and yelled at, too, but I'd say there were about 20 or 30 of them who had no idea who I really was."

Even women who knew Ward wasn't really a Yankee often played along anyway, he said.

"Some of them found it amusing. Some of them didn't even care," he said.

As Deadspin sarcastically notes, Ward's actions soil "the impeccable reputation" of the Jersey Shore, where you need dance moves like these or these or these to attract the attention of virtuous young ladies. Meanwhile, the real Joba says he'd like to meet the fake Joba, though not to find out what he's doing wrong. "I want to know what he was thinking," the real deal said.

Check out the Post video below for the rest of Ward's 15 minutes.

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