Rockies use Ace of Base song to respond to sign-stealing accusations

Rockies use Ace of Base song to respond to sign-stealing accusations

Troy Tulowitzki is having a ridiculously hot start to the 2014 season, leading the National League in batting average and homers and sitting in third for RBIs.

San Francisco Giants TV analyst Mike Krukow half-jokingly accused Tulo and the Rockies of stealing signs — Krukow said he was "just throwing it out there" — figuring there was no other explanation for Tulo's astounding batting average at home, which is .521 currently.

The Rockies responded to Krukow on Wednesday when manager Walt Weiss joked that the team mascot Dinger was actually a spy and umpires were also in on the sign-stealing. As good as Weiss' retort was, what the team did Thursday was perfection.

After Tulowitzki got a hit in the first inning, the DJ at Coors Field cued up a very special song, which you can hear well in the Vine below. (Pro tip: You’ll want to unmute the video to hear it by clicking on the sound icon just above the score in the upper left.)

Yep, that's Ace of Base's 1992 No. 1 hit "The Sign" and that's quite a troll job by the Rockies DJ. It had been reported around the web — by The Stew and others — that Tulowitzki changed his walk-up music. We can't confirm the walk-up music, but here's tangible evidence that the Rockies DJ was playing mad musical genius. Credit to Guyism for finding this. "The Sign" might have been used again during a Tulowitzki at-bat. The Stew thought we heard it later in the game too. 

Want to hear the whole song? Here you go.

If you're like me, you never would have predicted an Ace of Base song would be used to win a baseball argument in 2014, but there it is. Advantage, Rockies.

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