Troy Tulowitzki, Jose Bautista named Home Run Derby captains, here's who they should pick

Jose Bautista (left) and Troy Tulowitzki were named Home Run Derby captains. (Getty Images)
Jose Bautista (left) and Troy Tulowitzki were named Home Run Derby captains. (Getty Images)

With the MLB All-Star game inching closer, Jose Bautista and Troy Tulowitzki have been named the captains for each league in this year's Home Run Derby on July 14 at Target Field in Minnesota.

Bautista and Tulowitzki now have the responsibility of picking four more sluggers to round up each team in the derby. Fans can vote on the Home Run Derby ballot, but it doesn't actually determine who will participate. It just gives the captains an idea of who the people most want to see in the derby — or who the people who vote over and over again want to see.

The Stew has its own lists too, and we're happy to share them with you. Although, we're not just picking the guys with the most home runs this season, we're throwing a couple wild cards in the mix, as you'll see below:

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You gotta have: Edwin Encarnacion — With Bautista on board, we hope that doesn't preclude his teammate, the current MLB home run leader, who has already shown us he's capable of going on a tear.

It wouldn't be as fun without: Jose Abreu — The Cuban rookie took MLB by storm with his big homers. How would he do in something like this? Dunno, but we sure as heck want to find out.

An under-the-radar contender: George Springer — The Astros rookie has already hit 13 homers, putting him in the top 30 of MLB, despite spending the first two weeks of the season in Triple-A.

To make things more interesting: Jose Altuve — He leads MLB in hits, has only two homers and stands 5-foot-6. He's not a power hitter at all, but hey, Spud Webb won the NBA's slam dunk contest. 

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(Getty Images)

You gotta have: Giancarlo Stanton — It's a shame the guy who hits the most gawkable homers in MLB has never been in the Home Run Derby. He's healthy and killin' it this season for the Miami Marlins, so he's a no-brainer.

It wouldn't be as fun without: Yasiel Puig — Can you bat flip in the home-run derby? Is that in the written/unwritten rules? Either way, Puig brings energy to everything he's involved in, and he would definitely make the derby more interesting. 

An under-the-radar contender: Todd Frazier — He might not be the first guy to come to mind when you think of big home-run hitters, but check the numbers. He's top 10 in homers and he's known for hitting loooooooooong ones. He could be this year's Yoenis Cespedes, the surprise guy who wins the whole thing.

To make things more interesting: Ben Revere — He hit his first homer of his career this season, spanning more than 1,500 at-bats. Put him in (along with Altuve) and let's see what they can do. It'll be fun.

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