Trippin' on Willy meme: Clark is Dave Matthews' long-lost brother

After FOX cameras showed San Francisco Giants great Will Clark (center) on Wednesday night, it didn't take long for Tweeters at home to notice a big resemblance. Aaron Gleeman noted that he looked an awful lot like musician Dave Matthews (left) just a few seconds before yours truly.

Then the floodgates opened. Though a few Tweeters said DMB and Will The Thrill also looked like real-life Gargamels, the other person mentioned most with the pair was Texas Rangers owner Nolan Ryan (right).

Geez, look at those three guys. Their similar noses, eyes and hairlines make for a very eerie coincidence.

Or is it a coincidence at all?

After giving it some careful thought, I've come up with the theory that Matthews and Clark — who were born only three years apart — were split apart by The Stonecutters to prevent a catastrophic global event. Clark was allowed to stay in the United States to become a baseball player like dear old dad, while Matthews was dispatched to South Africa to develop a special brand of frat rock that would one day take over every college town in America and make a bajillion dollars through endless touring.

And apart from both crapping on my Chicago — Clark with his grand slam in the 1989 NLCS off Greg Maddux and Matthews quite literally with his tour bus — the scheme was going along rather swimmingly.

But now that the 2010 postseason and the success of the Giants have blown the cover off their little plan, I pretty much think we're on the verge of an apocalypse. The Texas Rangers, after all, are one win away from the World Series and Philly's H20 is one loss from going home early. That, of course, would set up ... wait for it, wait for it ... The Will Clark Classic between the Rangers and Giants.

All of that is to say, all of this baseball is making me go crazy it was nice knowing you, folks.

(Also, please watch the greatest thing ever inspired by Dave Matthews Band — below).

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