Triple-A manager defiantly sits down on the field after he’s ejected (Video)

Mike Oz

Marty Brown had to know his ejection and ensuing defiance would be seen by more than the 5,224 in attendance at Sunday's Buffalo Bisons-Norfolk Tides Triple-A game. He was putting on a show. And like any good show, Brown's had its share of memorable moments.

This wasn't the classic manager tirade. It was more managerial performance art. Brown — a former big leaguer for the Reds and Orioles, now managing the Blue Jays Triple-A team — was upset that his squad didn't get an interference call. So he took a seat.

Here are our five favorite moments from this episode of Marty Brown's Ejection Variety Show:

1. His half-roll sitdown (:42). Not the classiest way to take a seat, but it's not like there was a chair waiting for him. If there were a teeny tiny umpire there, he'd totally be squashed.

2. When Brown leans back (:53), as if to say, "I'll stay here all day. You're lucky I don't have my iPad, or I'd just sit here and watch Season 4 of 'Arrested Development.'"

3. When he fixes his pants (1:08). "Just making sure I look proper for my walk back to the dugout that's coming ... whenever I darn well feel like it."

4. When he kicks his helmet (1:39). Just a sign to let everybody know that while he was relaxing for a second there, he's still plenty ticked off.

5. When he flips his helmet and catches it (1:47). Woah there, Marty. That's something for the Managerial Olympics. That's grade-A helmet trickery. Maybe take your three-game suspension and make an instructional video.

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