Triple-A Durham Bulls introduce racing ‘Bull Durham’ characters

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Following in the footsteps of the Milwaukee Brewers' Racing Sausages and the Washington Nationals' Racing Presidents, the Triple-A Durham Bulls have unveiled their own racing mascots. Yes, they're exactly what you're hoping for: characters from the movie "Bull Durham."

The Bulls — famously featured in the 1988 baseball classic — gave the mascot treatment to Nuke LaLoosh, Crash Davis and Annie Savoy. Here they are in their racing glory:

Scott Carter, the Bulls director of marketing, told The Stew this is all about celebrating the film's 25th anniversary:

"We wanted to make a big splash with a new in-game element to celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'Bull Durham’s' release. Because the movie is Rated R, we have to be careful about what we use at the ballpark and how we integrate the film into our more established identity as a family and fan friendly entertainment venue. These racing characters allow us to bring the personalities of the movie to life in a playful way, tying the movie to a tangible entertainment element at games."

He continues:

A big part of the characters is allowing fans to get up close to them. After each race, they’ll exit the field through the crowd so fans can see them face-to-face (their detail is pretty awesome) and take pictures. Durham is extremely proud of the movie, so these characters finally give the community a tangible representation of the film and its legacy.

The other guy worth watching down in Durham these days is Wil Myers, the top prospect of parent club, the Tampa Bay Rays. Keeping with the fun: The Bulls have set up Wilville, a special section where fans sit close to right field and get Wilville T-shirts.

No word on whether Myers has been spending time with the Annie Savoy mascot, trying to secure the best year of his career.

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