Trevor Bauer doesn’t care if you like his rap career or not — nor should he

It's really easy to be immediately dismissive toward the effort and interests of others in this day and age. Indeed, it's not hard to say "this sucks" or "don't quit your job" when someone like young Trevor Bauer of the Arizona Diamondbacks puts one of his rap songs on YouTube or makes his entire five-song catalog available on SoundCloud.

Here's the thing, though: Whatever time and work Bauer put into lying those rhymes — regardless of their quality and appeal — was a lot more time and work you put into your "stick to pitching" tweet. It's a big reason why the long-tossing Bauer earned a few more fan points with me after putting things in perspective with a well-balanced response to a Twitter critic:

Am I saying that Bauer, who is currently on the mend in Triple-A, should pack up his glove and try to become the next Eminem? Do I think he's deluded into thinking he can turn this into a second sort of revenue? No and no.

But it does sound like Bauer is having fun and not taking himself too seriously when he picks up a microphone, no matter what the result. Good on him.

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