ToTO: The Reds have a fever and the only prescription is

Five quick links to start your day ...

1. An astute blog reader on Reds Reporter points out that if you take the last names of Cincinnati's two promising rookie OFs — Chris Dickerson and Jay Bruce — you're only two letters away from forming the name of Walken's legendary SNL character Bruce "More Cowbell" Dickinson. Now all the Reds need are a new SS-2B tandem — Sean Gene and Fred Frenkle. [Reds Reporter]

2. So Brian Giles stays in San Diego and the Padres can't even reward him with a locked door in right field? If you missed last night's Phillies-Padres game on ESPN — if you did, I can't imagine why — Meech has great video of Mr. San Diego's misadventure.[The Fightins']

3. Yeah, Brett Favre is wearing a Jets jersey these days, I know. Still, a world in which Derek Jeter wears a uniform that doesn't belong to the Yankees is a world I wish not to live in. [New York Post]

4. A Mets-loving astronaut will take Shea Stadium's home plate into space this fall. Obligatory punchline: Hey, it's not like the Mets are going to use it anyway! [NYDN via Hot Foot]

5. Two Phillies fans suggest bringing nothing but positive vibes to Citizens Bank Ballpark upon their team's return on Tuesday night. [We Should Be GMs]

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