Torii Hunter on LeBron James excuse: 'I kept performing' with cramp while having sex with my wife

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It's one thing for Joe Average to hate on LeBron James for being unable to finish Game 1 of the NBA Finals because of severe cramping. It's another for a respected athlete from a different professional sport to criticize James for not being able to perform.

Torii Hunter, using an X-rated analogy, has come down on the side of the LeBron haters. Hunter, who rarely filters what he says — sometimes to his detriment but often in a way that's entertaining — told Jim Rome on Showtime that LeBron should have sucked it up and kept on going for the Miami Heat earlier this week. Why does Hunter say that? Because he's cramped up before and didn't let it stop him. Not during a game, but while making whoopee to Mrs. Hunter.

"But I can tell you this. I made love to my wife the other night and I caught a cramp in my hamstring, and I actually put my leg out and kept performing."

The look on Rome's face while Hunter was telling the story was precious:

'Please continue.'
'Please continue.'

Does this mean the kind of desire you need to win the Larry O'Brien Trophy is different than the kind of desire you need to have #sexytime? Big, if true. (Rome's looking quite distinguished as he ages, by the way. Like a modern-day James Garner-Rockford Files. Phenomenal. Anyway, Hunter...)

Torii's all wet here, pretty obviously. Cramping in one hamstring during the Marital Act does not seem to equal whatever it was that prevented James from even being able to sit himself on the bench without assistance. Like a sports talk-radio caller, Hunter also played the "I've been there" card, talking about playing high school football and cramping on the bus after a game. That's even weaker.

Is there anything through the years in James's character, or performance, that should lead us to think he'd humiliate himself like this in front of the entire world? If he could have played, he would have played. Hey, if Hunter needs Viagra someday to perform in bed, it's not necessarily going to be because he doesn't want to have sex. See what I'm sayin'?


HOWEVER, he's also going for a laugh, Hunter is, and there's something to be said for that. He obviously tried out that joke on his teammates, got a good response, and decided to tell the same story on TV for more laughs. 

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