Topps to produce baseball cards of players from the film ‘Major League’

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When it was announced last summer that the "Bad News Bears" would be honored with baseball cards, you had to figure it was only a matter of time until our other favorite fictitious baseball teams got the same treatment.

Soon, collectors, you can chase cards of Jake Taylor, Roger Dorn and others from the fictional 1989 Cleveland Indians we grew to love in the 1989 film "Major League." The cards are part of the 2014 Topps Archive set, which brings new life to old Topps designs. Like this Wil Myers card, for example. It's available May 28.

"Major League" is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2014, so that's one reason to celebrate the team with baseball cards. Another reason? Well, it would be pretty darn cool to own a Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn card. Even cooler: The cards of the "Major League" Indians are fashioned in Topps' 1989 style.

Beckett's Chris Olds has more on the set and the "Major League" cards contained within:

[S]tars of the 1989 movie Major League will be among those signing for the product — cards styled with the 1989 Topps design and with character names and studio licensing that allows for use of the film’s logo as well as images as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. So far, Tom Berenger and Corbin Bernsen have signed on for this one. (Could past Topps signer Charlie Sheen be far behind?) ...

The Major League cards will be inserts first with a standard version and then five types of parallels to chase. Gold (/25), Red (/10), Purple (/5) and 1/1 Worst to First and printing plates will be found. Autographs will have a standard version as well as parallels of the Worst to First version, which will be limited to just 10 copies per player.

It's not yet known which Major League "players" will be featured in the 2014 Topps Archive set, and whether it be players-only. We would hope "Major League" faves such as announcer Harry Doyle and rum-drinking, good-luck charm Jobu would be featured.

Lucky for us, Beckett has at least imagined what some of the "Major League" cards could look like in its Totally Fake Baseball Cards segment. They're better than nothing.

See the rest over at Beckett's site. And before you ask, yes, I will trade any other card for a Jobu.

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