Top O' The Order: The transitive powers of an All-Star hug?

Five links to start your day ...

1. It's comic book stuff, but there's a theory up in Minnesota that says Carlos Quentin sapped all of Justin Morneau's power in that post-All-Star-win hug. Quentin's numbers are a bit better than Morneau's, so I tend to doubt that claim ... Now if Paul Konerko and Jim Thome had completed a similar hug? Way more believable. [Victoria Times]

2. The Big Ballpark Review of Yankee Stadium will post later today (promise), but here's an early tip: Put on your sunscreen BEFORE you head up to the Bronx, because security guards have been confiscating it by the trashbag-full. Don't you just feel safer knowing that? [NY Post via BBTF]

3. Is the high price for Matt Holliday (reportedly Carlos Beltran plus a top prospect) scaring interested teams like the Mets away? []

4. Welcome back, Clayton Kershaw! [Fire Ned Colletti Now]

5. With the Tigers' first win of the season against the Royals, universal world order has been restored — or so says a Tigers fan. [Bless You Boys]