Top O' The Order: Will smoking needle bring down Clemens?

A few quick links to start your day ...

• "Scientific tests have linked Roger Clemens's DNA to blood in syringes that a personal trainer says he used to inject the former star pitcher with performance-enhancing drugs, according to two sources familiar with the investigation." [Washington Post]

• Rich Lederer explores the comfy relationship between Jon Heyman and Scott Boras. [Baseball Analysts]

• Some guy with too much time on his hands creates a Cal Ripken poster entirely out of thumb tacks. He also time-lapsed a video of his work so that people with too much time on their hands (ie: you and me) will later watch it. [Camden Chat]

• Should your baseball blog accept advertising from ticket scalpers? [Goat Riders]

• Congratulations to Jon Weisman, who's moving his fantastic Dodgers blog "downtown" under the canopy of the Los Angeles Times. Reset your RSS feeds accordingly. [Dodger Thoughts]

• In case you were wondering (and I just know you were), Dick Drago is the 35th greatest Royal of all time. [Royals Review]

• Finally, a Mr. "RF" has taken issue with my 25 Random Things post from yesterday. I am who I am, sir, but I am flattered by your attention. [Capitalist Lion Tamer]

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