Top O' The Order: A-Rod booing season again open in Bronx

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1. It's a good thing A-Rod signed that contract extension over the winter because that cash works pretty well once you stuff it in your ears for nights like Tuesday.

From Mike Lupica:

They booed Alex Rodriguez Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium on what was supposed to be the first big night of the rest of the season, booed him as loudly as they have lately, booed him maybe as loudly as they ever have. They booed him when he grounded into a double play in the third and booed him louder when he flied out to center with two on in the bottom of the fifth. And then, when the Yankees were trying to come back from four runs down and not fall six behind the Red Sox in the wild-card race, when he grounded into a double play with the bases loaded in the bottom of the seventh, they booed him as if he were Jonathan Papelbon or Kevin Youkilis or even Manny Ramirez, in absentia. They booed A-Rod Tuesday night like he was Boston.

As Loopy correctly notes, there's plenty of blame to go around. As Yankee fans correctly counter, what's the fun of a disappointing season without a filthy rich scapegoat? [NY Daily News]

2. J.J. Putz is upset with Jim Riggleman after not getting the call to close out the Twins. [P-I]

3. Baseball is approaching the 250,000 home run mark and the countdown is on. Does it sound stupid for me to say that I thought there had probably been more HRs hit in history? 'Cause that was my initial thought. [Baseball Reference]

4. Kenny Rogers thinks the Yankees are to blame for instant replay because of the A-Rod homer that wasn't earlier this season. It's a bit of convoluted logic, but sure, Kenny ... [The Daily Fungo]

5. Mr. Met can throw out a throat-slash with the best of them — at least toward a Yankee fan. [YT]

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