Top O' The Order: Roberto Alomar feels good, thanks for asking

A few gossipy links to start your day ...

• Roberto Alomar, via his Web site, denied the claim in a lawsuit filed by ex-girlfriend Ilya Dall that, among other shocking charges, he has AIDS. The 12-time All-Star, who is 41 and retired, says he is in "very good health" (in two languages!). But did you remember that he almost made the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays roster in '05? []

• Alomar's current girlfriend also refutes the meat of Dall's charges on Puerto Rico TV. In a story that contains nearly every tabloid cliche, Maripily Rivera calls the AIDS claim, "a vile lie." The story also says Dall's $5-million Queens mansion was paid for by Alomar. [N.Y. Daily News]

• Rivera is a model who has her own sunglasses line. [Maripily PR]

• Yesterday, Inside StewDition Big League Stew published the horrifying allegations. [BLS]

• Fake Joba Chamberlain avoids jail time for Yankee impersonatin'. Is it now illegal for Frank Caliendo to pull off a Joba impression? [Y! Sports]

• Real Joba is gearing up for impersonating a starting pitcher 30 times. [LoHud]

• A sailor ponders whether the M's should buy Garret Anderson, Junior or neither. [U.S.S. Mariner]

Tom Glavine has a "positive" meeting with the Braves, but can't get them to give him more money. (It must be collusion! Revenge for '94!) []

• No free-agent refugee camp, says everyone's favorite curmudgeon, Don Fehr. [Biz of Baseball]

Kevin Millah finalizes a minor-league deal with the Blue Jays, who just got wackier, at the very least. [Bluebird Banter]

• Hey, did y'all miss the Stew's Big Birthday Bash? Have a piece of cake, if there's any left. Did you know we're "this" old (1)? [BLS]

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