Top O' The Order: Oh Yovani, Milwaukee's heart swoons for you

Ten quick links to start your day ...

1. Yovani Gallardo is going in Game 1 for the Brewers. Or maybe it's just CC Sabathia in a Gallardo jersey. I don't know and won't until I can sneak a peek at the size tags. Tell you what, though? Gallardo's matchup against Cole Hamels has the potential to be a good one. [Brewers Blog]

2. The Rays rounded up some fans for a rally. [The Heater]

3. It's here! The ceremonial first Steve Bartman story of the postseason! Break out those "He wasn't the only one going for the ball!" and "Alex Gonzalez is at fault, too!" lines like you're the first one ever to use them! [Wrigleyville 23]

4. Information you have no reason to store in your brain for longer than five seconds: Dustin Pedroia once beat Brady Quinn in a ping-pong match. Fantastic. [With Leather]

5. Infidel! The Philadelphia Inquirer has a secret Brewers operative on staff. [The Fightins']

6. Should the Mets and Yankees swap David Wright and Alex Rodriguez? Sure, why not. It'll keep Minaya and Cashman busy during most of October. [Bugs & Cranks]

7. True story: Shin-Soo Choo was named AL player of the month for September. [Tribe Report]

8. Dollar for dollar, Adrian Gonzalez is the best player in baseball. [Rumors and Rants]

9. Our boy Ian was subjected to one more day of the Tigers kicking him in the groin. Thankfully he can now move his entire focus to the Lions and Michigan football. (Er?) [Bless You Boys]

10. The Cardinals sign Kyle Lohse for four years and $41 million. And here I thought only mediocre lefties got those kind of deals. [Post Dispatch]

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