Top O' The Order: Jim Leyland says Bonderman has gone fishin'

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1. While the Tigers may have played the whole season like they've had somewhere else to be in October other than the playoffs, one out-for-the-year pitcher is apparently taking full advantage of his time away.

Or so says manager Jim Leyland, who on Wednesday detailed the rehab routine of pitcher Jeremy Bonderman

From the Detroit Free Press:

"He puts on his bib overalls — no shoes and socks — got a straw hat, got a case of beer next to him, got the hat slightly over his eyes with a fishing pole in his hand and taking a nap," Leyland said. "That's what he's been doing ... I'm not being funny. That's what he's doing. He's sitting by a pond with a fishing pole and a case of beer and a straw hat and having a good time, and he should. Why shouldn't he? He can't do anything. He'll be fine. ... He'll be raring to go (in spring training)."

It would seem Bonderman isn't the only Tiger that likes to fish. That's Joel Zumaya and Tim Byrdak (B.A. '07) above with their day's catch. Now, who's hungry? [Blue Collar Baseball]

2. The umpires and the league have reached an agreement on instant replay. More posts to come as playoff games are pushed from their current four-hour mark to six or more. [Y! Sports]

3. Great observation: For 39 of the last 40 games, Ned Yost has arranged his lineup by position, regardless of who's playing there. The Brewers are 24-15 in those games, so I suppose all you can say is, uh, that's one way to do it. [Chuckie Hacks]

4. The A's are in talks to bring Rickey Henderson back into the fold. Yes, someone wants to voluntarily hang out with Rickey and then pay him for it. [Athletics Nation]

5. Nick Friedell — remember him? — catches up with the Marlins' Matt Treanor, who wasn't able to watch his wife win a gold medal from the thick of a pennant race. Asks him about those pictures with President Bush, too. [Fourth Place Medal]

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