Top O' The Order: Griffey disappears from Braves outfield picture

A few transparent links to start your day ...

Ken Griffey Jr. might have made a friend an enemy for life in Chipper Jones after choosing the Mariners instead of the Braves. He also might blame the media for jumping the gun (but did it?) on his destination of choice. []

• Folks are chopping away at Dave O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which reported that Griffey told a close friend he was Braves-bound. [Talking Chop]

• O’Brien defends himself, his story, his sources, the journalism profession and the free world. [AJC]

• Hip, hip hop, hooray, Griffey's goin' home. [U.S.S. Mariner]

• Willie Mays and Hank Aaron — who ended their careers in the city they started — both gave The Kid some advice to return to Seattle. [Lot D]

• The prosecution is aiming for Barry Bonds' groin — which might contain the crown jewels of its case. Barry's defense is not about to let the government have a ball at their client's expense. Will the judge allow the "testi"mony? Definitely a sack of legal questions to be answered. [Yahoo! Sports]

• In another musical interlude, AC/DC shouts off like they've got a pair. [YouTube]

• It wasn't Cousin It who injected A-Rod. It was cousin Yuri Sucart. [ESPN]

• Just in case, here's another look at A-Rod's primo primos. [Big League Stew]

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