Top O' The Order: Gio Gonzalez makes wrong kind of history

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1. Apparently Gio Gonzalez really wanted to get this race to MLB's 250,000th home run as quickly as possible. Not only did he serve up the landmark tater to Gary Sheffield in the second inning (a grand slam), but he also surrendered 249,998 to Magglio Ordonez and 249,999 to Sheffield in the first inning of Monday's game. The good news is that Gonzalez is only 22 and when it comes to history, this is about as meaningless as it gets. (I mean, is anyone really going to start calling Sheffield "Mr. 250K?") [Baseball Reference]

2. It's probably no reason to shed any tears, but at the current pace, MLB will not set a season attendance record (which they've done for the past four years). [The Biz of Baseball]

3. The fake Joba Chamberlain went on Howard Stern. He's scheduled to meet the real Joba Chamberlain on Friday. A tryout with Brian Cashman is the next logical step. Question: If Ryan Ward had impersonated anyone else, would his 15 minutes already have been up? [The Fightins]

4. Baltimore blogger says "It's been fun, but you really gotta go" to Kevin Millar. [Camden Chat]

5. I'm not sure why people like lists like these, but here's are some tabs on which baseball player is donating what to who when it comes to political figures and causes. [Bugs & Cranks]

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