Top O' The Order: Don Fehr just says no, we can't see the list of 104

A few smoky links to start your day ...

• Union chief Donald Fehr says it is "unlikely" that any more names on the list of 104 players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003 will be released because "Whatever rights individual players had under those agreements have to be respected." [L.A. Times]

• Y! Sports Jeff Passan thinks Fehr and Bud Selig should not "walk" away in the wake of A-Rod's admission. [Y! Sports]

Lance Berkman can't make up his mind. He finds it "deplorable" that the confidence of the drug testing was violated but — as someone who claims to never have done performance-enhancers — he still really "would like to know who has" come up positive. And he thinks other players want to know, too. [Houston Chronicle]

• Some Angels fans are excited that Bobby Abreu, and not Manny Ramirez, is signing with the Anaheim American League club. And they've got bad Photoshop to prove it. [Halos Heaven]

B.J. Upton is famous enough to appear in an Adidas commercial with new millionaire Ryan Howard. [Rays Index via YouTube, or is it the other way?]

Dioner Navarro's lawyers are not good enough to beat Andrew Friedman in a game we like to call... arbitration. [The Heater]

• Slow cap for Kevin Towers, who found a new home for Matt Bush, the No. 1 pick in the 2004 draft who's just been bad... and a bad boy. [Gaslamp Ball]

Andruw Jones's deal with the Rangers? Consider it finalized. There is a March 20 opt-out, however, in case he's not on the 40-man roster by then. [N.Y. Post]