Top O' The Order: Don Fehr begins Damage Control '09 tour

A few juicy links to start your morning ...

• Don Fehr won't get specific on how or why the boo-boo happened, but he tells our own Jeff Passan that the destruction of the 104-player steroid list "was going to be done quickly but in the ordinary course.” Our best guess for the snafu is that Fehr was waiting to find a good price on a heavy-duty paper shredder, but that the records were seized by the government before the Office Depot flier came out. Through a source, Passy has the actual details on how the process went off track. [Yahoo! Sports]

• Jose Offerman is getting sued for $4.8 million smackers for allegedly wielding a bat in an attack against two minor leaguers. [Over The Monster]

• Arguments for the Twins signing Joe Crede are always much more fun when they're presented High Fidelity top-5 list style. [Twins Geek]

• Another sign the economy sucks: The Dodgers and White Sox are 0-for-9 when it comes to selling main sponsorship spots in their new spring training facility. [Sons of Steve Garvey]

• Despite winning the World Series, the Phillies are only the fourth-best rated team on MLB '09: The Show. Check out the link for some sick game footage. [The 700 Level]

• Dreaming the impossible dream: Who would be on the Rockies' version of Mount Rushmore? What about for the Nats or Marlins? [Bugs & Cranks]

• Super-prospect Matt Wieters tops a list of six reasons why Orioles fans should be excited for the 2009 season, followed by five promotional night giveaways. [The Loss Column]

• Some folksy trio beats Sufjan Stevens to the punch by writing a song in honor of Kenesaw Mountain Landis. It's not really safe for work, let alone your ears, but here it is anyway. [Luol's Dong]

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