Top O' The Order: Curt Schilling gets fresh with Cindy McCain

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1. So did Curt Schilling make an honest mistake or was he angling for another big payday now that his high-dollar earning days in baseball are over?

The Boston Herald comes forth with this amusing anecdote from the New Hampshire Speedway, where Schilling mistook John McCain's sugar momma wife (right) for his own wife, Shonda.

The tale, as told by Shonda:

"We all got separated in this huge room with lots of people," Mrs. (Schilling) told the Track. "I walked ahead with (racing legend) Richard Petty while Curt stopped to sign autographs.

"So when he started to walk away, he grabbed Cindy's hand. She didn't seem to mind and went along with it," said Shonda. "But when he realized what he was doing, he held up their hands and said, ‘Hey, Shonda, look at this!' Suddenly, Richard grabbed my hand and I said, ‘Don't worry, I'm being taken care of.' "

Stay tuned for the next episode, when Schilling, a noted GOPer, calls Sarah Palin and whispers sweet nothings before insisting he thought he was talking to Jacoby Ellsbury. [You Been Blinded]

2. Our pal Maury says there's a rumor floating around that has Thomas Ricketts winning the Cubs' bid and his ownership being announced a few days after the World Series. Is it just me or does a guy by the name of Ricketts sound like he'd own the machine shop/tow truck across the street from Wrigley Field instead of the team inside it? Color me unimpressed. [The Biz of Baseball]

3. A month and a half later, a Pirates fan revisits the Jason Bay trade. [Pittsburgh Lumber Co.]

4. Ozzie Guillen's bullpen decisions last night were successful, at least if you define success as being universally unpopular. [South Side Sox]

5. Why is this the worst season in Mariners history? Let us count the ways. [Lookout Landing]

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