Top O' The Order: Bobby Thigpen gets his J.D. Salinger on

Five quick links to start your day ...

1. Now that Francisco Rodriguez is only 11 saves away from his single-season record, Bobby Thigpen had to expect the calls from reporter would start coming. Apparently, he has a few plans on how to handle the onslaught and they include either ignoring the reporter completely or swearing at said reporter once he gets 'Pen on the phone. [LA Times]

2. The Mets released their new pricing structure for the new Citi Field in '09. There will be 15,000 less seats than Shea, which means some seats could cost as much as 80 percent more. The top ticket will go for — I feel bad just typing this — $495.

Compared to the new Yankee Stadium, though, that's a Salvation Army price. [Long Island Met Fan]

3. With the Rays just a speck on the horizon and time rapidly fading away, should the Yankees even bother having Joba Chamberlain pull his arm from that giant tub of ice? [River Avenue Blues]

4. Josh Hamilton says he's willing to help Jeff Allison, another high draft pick who fell into the trap of drugs but is back playing pro baseball. [Boston Herald]

5. Is it possible to make a better A-Rod? [Dugout Central]

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