Top O' The Order: Andruw Jones divorce becomes official

A few quick links to start your day after a one-day sick leave by the Stew on Thursday ...

• The short but sorrow-filled saga of Andruw Jones in Los Angeles came to an end on Thursday with the news that the Dodgers are placing his doughy behind on waivers. In deciding not to attempt to have the contract voided, Frank McCourt will have to eat about $21 million of Jones' future salary, which should tell you how big of a disaster the signing had turned into. Can't wait until some other GM looks at Jones, sees that he won't have to foot any sort of substantial bill (they'll be on the hook for $400K), signs him on a whim and then throws his team's respective blogger group to the proverbial punch line. [Yahoo! Sports]

• The first thing I saw when I signed onto my computer this morning was my Yahoo! home page reporting it was -17 outside. The second was this compilation of our nation's ballparks covered in 27 feet of snow. We are earning this 2009 season, folks. [Home Run Derby]

• Yes, those new Yankee Stadium are three different kinds of insane. But they're especially crazy when you compare them to the upper echelon of prices for other top-notch entertainment in NYC. $2,500 for Yankees-Royals or $400 for a meal from one of America's top chefs? [Subway Squawkers]

• The Rays are opening a new spring training facility next month and they gave the media a tour on Thursday. All of the reserved seats are sold out for the slate of games, which makes you wonder if that'll carry over to The Trop. [The Heater]

• I could brainstorm plenty of ways to spend $215. Getting Albert Pujols to sign his name on a piece of my Cardinals memoribilia would not be one of them. [Wax Heaven]

• This picture of Lloyd Christmas Jr. as a Phillies fan will haunt your dreams. [Mr. Irrelevant]

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