Top 10 pieces of advice Mike Schmidt gave Charlie Manuel

Top 10 Other Things Mike Schmidt told Charlie Manuel in his e-mail ...

10. "Yeah, the Phanatic's been doing my taxes for 10 years and I've never been audited. Not to worry."

9. "I heard back from Bowa: He says the lighted-up Liberty Bell in center field at Citizens Bank Park is not the real deal."

8. "Sorry, Charlie. No can do on the Big & Rich tickets."

7. "My mustache hurts."

6. "I slugged over .700 against Jamie Moyer, and that's when he was in his mid-30s. What's the Mets' problem?"

5. "Twenty percent off at Kenneth Cole, buddy! This weekend, bar-b-q at your house, a little shopping, whaddya say???"

4. "No, I don't think it's too late to trade Kendrick to Japan."

3. "I told you Victorino wasn't Italian! Pay up, Chuck!"

2. "When I retired and I cried like that, I actually was thinking of my pet hamster."

1. "Here's what you gotta do to get Delgado out. ... Oh, wait. Pete Rose is here again. No, Pete, I don't want stock in your damn casino for the eight millionth time. Gotta go silent. Oh, well, you guys will be just fine against Delgado."