The top 10 least desired souvenirs from Yankee Stadium

New York's Finest reported that it arrested 18 fans for pilfering parts of Yankee Stadium on Sunday night, when the Bronx Bombers played their final game at the 85-year-old yard. Everyone seems to want to take some bit of Yankee Stadium for him or herself, though there probably are some artifacts that even the hardest of the hardcore Yanks fan wouldn't touch with a 200-foot pole.

With that, here are Big League Stew's Top 10 Least Desired Souvenirs from Yankee Stadium:

10. A-Rod's "good luck" Kabbalah bracelet he got from a galpal.

9. Dave Winfield's fungus-ridden pair of shower shoes from his Yankee days (1981-1990).

8. The part of Marilyn Monroe's sex tape that's just footage of Joe DiMaggio walking around naked.

7. Leaky batteries thrown at Reggie Jackson during '77 World Series.

6. Don Larsen's perfect turd SOLD

5. Reel-to-reel tape splice of never-before-heard second part of Lou Gehrig's farewell speech in which he requests that ALS not be nicknamed "Lou Gehrig's Disease."

4. Shelley Duncan's donuts.

3. The long-lost Monument Park bust of Luis Polonia.

2. George's Box.

1. The outhouse that Ruth built.

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