Tony Gwynn honored at Padres-Mariners game, and all across MLB

The mourning of San Diego Padres great Tony Gwynn after his death Monday continued into many of the evening's MLB games, particularly in Seattle where the Padres were visiting the Mariners.

To their credit, the Mariners pulled off a classy presentation in honor of Gwynn on short notice. The best part? They put his No. 19 in the infield dirt between the third baseman and shortstop — the area that became known league-wide as the "5.5 hole" after Gwynn famously knocked base hit after base hit into that gap throughout his career.

The Padres, meanwhile, added a black arm band to their jerseys in honor of Gwynn. We'll certainly see more from San Diego when they get back to their home park.

The Detroit Tigers, who were hosting the Kansas City Royals, also honored Gwynn in the 5.5 hole, by etching "TG 5.5" in their infield dirt. It was an especially nice gesture, considering Gwynn isn't directly connected to either team.

Tony Gwynn Jr. left the Philadelphia Phillies on Monday, going on the bereavement list after his dad's death. Still, the Phillies hung his No. 19 in their dugout during their game against the Atlanta Braves.

Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully honored Gwynn during another of his wonderful monologues. In it, he recalled his encounters with Gwynn and how Gwynn's smile affected those around him.


One tribute that might have zoomed right past some fans: At Fenway Park, organist Josh Kantor played Tom Waits' "San Diego Serenade" in honor of Gwynn.

In addition to all these, many teams held moments of silence before their games to honor Gwynn's career and his achievements. Here are some more scenes from around MLB. Click the photo below to start the slideshow.

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