Tony Gwynn and other late ballplayers finally get their due in homemade 'In Memoriam' video

Major League Baseball and Fox dropped the baseball when it came to a Tony Gwynn tribute on Tuesday night, so Sully Baseball took it upon himself to pick it back up. The result is a simple "In Memoriam" video that's going viral across the blogosphere on Friday morning. 

Set to music from "The Natural," the video covers ballplayers that left us over the past year, from Hall of Famers like Gwynn and Ralph Kiner to other notables like Don Zimmer and Paul Blair. It's so sweet and so well done that you really wonder if MLB will do something like this in the future.

At the same time, I hope the positive reaction to this video — however deserved — doesn't obscure the fact that Gwynn's career, personality and legacy were worthy of being singled out on the broadcast and on the field in Minnesota during the All-Star Game. Gwynn was such an important player to both his generation and to the All-Star Game that such a tribute wouldn't have been out of place. The uproar that resulted when a salute to Gwynn never materialized shows exactly why one was needed. 

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