Tony Campana slide combines best of Superman, Pete Rose and Sam Fuld

David Brown

The hiring of Theo Epstein as club president and Jed Hoyer as GM failed to turn the Chicago Cubs into a World Series contender in one season. Not a surprise, but the Cubs owning the worst record in the majors heading into action Wednesday still is a big downer for fans hoping the winds of change would bring something better, and sooner.

At least there's Tony Campana. He's a holdover from the previous administration, but Campana has batted .306 with a .359 on-base percentage (that could be better) and 12 stolen bases. Campana optimistically boasted in spring training that he could steal 100 bases if given the chance. Perhaps he could. But his speed has made him fun to watch. Like here, after an errant pickoff attempt against the Houston Astros on Tuesday night:

"Uh oh," goes Cubs broadcaster Len Kasper. But never fear, Len! Campana's acrobatic (and remarkably lucky) slide somehow eludes the tag of infielder Matt Downs at third base. The ninja move from the government was part-Pete Rose, part-Superman, part-Sam Fuld.

He doesn't touch him with the glove. Amazing.

A year ago after Fuld got off to a hot start at the plate and made some astounding diving catches in the outfield, the Tampa Bay Rays hastily put together a superhero cape giveaway day in Fuld's name. The rest of Fuld's season wasn't as super, but that shouldn't stop the Cubs from stealing the idea and getting Campana a cape of his own. Or tights. Big red boots?

It's either that or give out free haircuts in the Moe Howard-bowl style to honor the legacy of Pete Rose. (A cape is better.) Oh, by the way, the Cubs stranded Campana at third and lost 2-1, their eighth straight defeat.

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