Tommy Lasorda says A-Rod is ‘trying to ruin the game’

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The line for people being angry with Alex Rodriguez forms on the right. But here comes Los Angeles Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda, shoving his way to the front!

Speaking on Tuesday afternoon at a Baseball Assistance Team charity event in Manhattan, Lasorda joined the legion vast in ripping A-Rod for his association with performance-enhancing drugs, saying he should have gotten a bigger suspension than just the 2014 season. This is how Lasorda was quoted by Adam Rubin of ESPN:

"What he's done? He's trying to ruin the game. You can't do that.

"He's going to keep on trying to do something, but he's got a suspension. He should just sit back and fill it out."

Lasorda also said steroid cheats should never be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

He said he is particularly upset because he once presumed A-Rod was clean.

"I was thinking, 'At least this guy is doing it legitimately,' and then find out he wasn't," Lasorda said. "That really turned my opinion of him."

A-Rod is "trying to ruin the game." OK. That's a little more reasonable than this:

Reasonable, and practical. It's better to go with Rubin's version. Otherwise, with baseball already ruined by A-Rod, what are we all doing here? Phew!

Later in Rubin's post, Lasorda bemoaned all of the home runs hit by steroid "cheaters" — off supposedly "clean" pitchers — forgetting that pitchers, too, have used PEDs. And then there's this whopper:

"We've got to get this baseball game to where the fans can understand everything is on the same level -- each guy has the same opportunities. That's the way it should be. That's the way it used to be. We never heard of steroids. Christ, half the guys couldn't even spell it."

Tommy Lasorda, who managed until 1996, "never heard of steroids." Does anyone believe that? Maybe he's forgotten, at 86 years old, but at 66 years old? You betcha he knew about steroids. What a crock.

Lasorda also addresses Mike Piazza, his godson. Read for yourself. I'm done.

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