Tommy Hanson wants to sell his ‘concussion car’

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Are you a baseball fan who's looking to buy a used luxury automobile with the ability to really start a conversation in Atlanta?

If the answer to that question is somehow "yes," Tommy Hanson may have just the right deal for you.

The Atlanta Braves pitcher tells Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he's selling the 2007 Infinity M45 that he crashed near the team's spring training facility last week. The one-car accident —which was the result of a blown tire — left the 25-year-old Hanson with a concussion and led him to buy a truck to replace his wrecked Infinity (a version of which can be seen to the right).

The car was Hanson's first "big" purchase after nabbing a nice signing bonus from the Braves back in 2006. So any potential buyer can brag about possessing the first toy that Atlanta's ace pitcher drove around town. (Hanson says he'll even throw in some signed memorabilia to sweeten the deal.)

The new owner can also rest easy as he or she won't be on the hook for any repairs, either.

From the AJC:

"They said repairs are going to be at least $8,000," said Hanson, believed to be the first Brave in history to arrive at spring training via tow truck. "The car's pretty messed up. I'm going to sell it.

"If you know anybody who wants to buy it, tell them to contact me. They can buy, 'The concussion car.'"

So there you have it. If you were the jealous type when George Costanza decided to buy  "John" Voight's LeBaron convertible, you can buy the car that put the cornerstone of the Braves' young pitching vault in real jeopardy. (If Atlanta were more of a baseball city, I could see a local radio station buying it for a demolition derby or wrecking crew sledgehammer contest.)

Of course, the better news is that it looks like Hanson is in good shape whether or not he's able to sell the car. The AJC's David O'Brien reports that Hanson passed a second concussion test on Monday and is in line to begin his first full workout on Tuesday.

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