Tommy Hanson leaves batting practice after being hit in eye

According to David O'Brien of, Atlanta Braves Game 2 starter Tommy Hanson(notes) exited batting practice on Thursday night at AT&T Park after being struck in the face by his own batted ball.

From @ajcbraves:

Braves' Hanson just got hit in eye by a ball in batting cage. He was hitting and it caromed up from the ground. He's getting checked now.

That's not exactly the best way to begin your postseason experience.

O'Brien later added:

He left the field immediately to be checked out, and was expected to see an eye doctor as a precaution.

The most likely outcome here is that Hanson will be pitching with an easily explained shiner when Friday night's Game 2 gets underway. But I suppose it's possible Hanson could be pushed back to Game 3 if complications arise or Bobby Cox feels like it's in the team's best interest to use Tim Hudson(notes) based on Thursday night's result.

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