Tom Brady, the face of the Washington Nationals? Say what?

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MLB Network is doing that thing again where it asks people to vote for the "face" of every baseball team. You may very well remember it from last year. Each team gets its "Face of the Franchise" pick, then they're all placed in a bracket-style competition to crown the "Face of MLB." Don't worry, it'll be all up in your Twitter timeline soon enough.

Here's something interesting from the prelim round starring the Washington Nationals. Bryce Harper was the winner — by a lot — and that makes perfect sense. But do you see that list of "other votes?" One of those things is not like the rest.

Yeah, Tom Brady. This isn't a case of an overzealous fan base writing in its favorite player in every possible ballot, regardless of sport. People in D.C. aren't rooting for the New England Patriots and worshipping Tom Brady.

But there is a rational explanation about why some baseball fans might (jokingly) pick Tom Brady as the face of the Washington Nationals. As Marc Normandin points out at SB Nation, Brady was once a baseball draft pick. He was selected out of high school in the 18th round of the 1995 amateur draft by the Montreal Expos, the team that would eventually become the Nats. He went to college and played football instead, so this never happened ...

What does all this Tom Brady/Washington Nationals stuff mean? Not much really. Just a little bit of offseason fun. Unless Bryce Harper gets on Twitter and asks Tom for a Super Bowl ring. Then things could get interesting.

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