Todd Frazier hits home run to Riverboat Deck at Great American Ballpark

Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier is undoubtedly among the most underrated power hitters around the league. He's not built like Giancarlo Stanton, but few people are. He doesn't hit them as frequently as Jose Bautista, but few people do. But when Frazier makes solid contact, the baseball stays hit for a long time.

Such was the case during Cincinnati's 4-3 victory on Friday night when Frazier lit up Colorado Rockies right-hander Jhoulys Chacin for a second inning solo home run to straightaway center field at The Great American Ballpark. The baseball was absolutely punished, and it just kept carrying... and carrying... and carrying, before it finally settled on the Riverboat Deck above the batter's eye.

Or as broadcaster Thom Brennaman put it, where the real men hit them.

The only question: How far did it fly?

That's the Reds story, which would make it the longest home run hit so far during the 2014 season, passing Stanton's mammoth shot in Miami on April 6 by a single foot.

However, according to ESPN Hit Tracker, the true distance was 440-feet, which wouldn't even be Frazier's longest of the season. Back in April, he was recorded to have hit one 446 feet in Cincinnati. 

It's impossible to say which estimation is more accurate. Looking at the ballpark, it's 404 feet to straight away center. The home run lands a few feet to the left and obviously clears the fence by a ridiculously wide margin, but did it really have another 80 feet on it? It's tough to say for sure, but we can confidently say fans seated on the deck weren't expecting a souvenir.

Distance aside, this doesn't even qualify as Frazier's most impressive home run against Colorado during his four year career. Going back to May 27, 2012, Frazier actually launched a home run despite losing his grip on the bat

He literally threw his bat at this ball, with the bat landing near the mound, and the ball still cleared the left field fence by a good distance. It was remarkable, and it illustrates the sneaky power Frazier possesses.

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