A toast to the 2013 San Diego Padres

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Editor's note: We're saying goodbye to teams mathematically eliminated from the 2013 MLB season with a toast. Want to contribute? Follow @BigLeagueStew on Twitter and await our call for submissions. Next up, the San Diego Padres.

Let's not pretend the San Diego Padres ever really had a chance to win the NL West. They had a nice little run in June, when they got close enough to wave at first place, but that was really about it. We're not trying to be mean to the Padres. They're just in the same division as the team with the highest payroll in baseball, plus the defending champs.

But you know what? The Padres (71-81 right now) did OK this season. As of this writing, they're in third place in the West. Barely. But, hey, it's third place. Not finishing the season in fourth or fifth would be huge for them. So let's have a toast to the Padres.

To the Padres, for being above .500 in the second half. To the Padres, for fighting the Dodgers first. To the Padres, for almost getting that elusive first no-hitter in franchise history. To the Padres, for having a guy named Jedd Gyorko on your team.

We're not going to bogart this toast. Here's what the people had to say to the 2013 Padres:

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