A toast to the 2013 Los Angeles Angels

Editor's note: We're saying goodbye to teams mathematically eliminated from the 2013 MLB season with a toast. Want to contribute? Follow @BigLeagueStew on Twitter and await our call for submissions. Next up, the Los Angeles Angels.

The last few days of the regular season got in the way of our MLB Toasts series, but we're back to say farewell to more of the also-rans from the 2013 season. With the postseason just underway, it seems only fitting that we toast the Los Angeles Angels. After all, many people thought we'd see the Angels right about now.

But once again, throwing cash at free agents doesn't get you an automatic playoff berth. The Angels got less than they expected out of $125 million man Josh Hamilton. That went along with more disappointment from his big-money bunkmate Albert Pujols. At least the Angels continue to get far more than their money's worth from MVP candidate Mike Trout. So now, a toast.

To the Angels, for forgetting to sign some effective pitchers to go with all those supposed big bats. To the Angels, for proving that bigger (contracts) are not always better. To the Angels, for at least having a relief pitcher who will help an injured bird. And for having highlight-reel outfield play. To the Angels, for having Mark Trumbo around to hit epic home runs.

We're not going to bogart this toast. Here's what some people had to say about the 2013 Angels. Add your own toast in the comments.

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