A toast to the 2013 Atlanta Braves

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Editor's note: Our MLB Toasts got derailed during the stretch run and postseason, but we're back to say goodbye to the rest of the league. Follow @BigLeagueStew on Twitter and await our call for submissions for more toasts. Next up, the Atlanta Braves.

Oh, the Atlanta Braves, where do we start? Of all the thing the Braves might have been called this year, it's important to remember this: They were in first place in the NL all but one day. That's something to toast your glasses to. Beyond that, let's just say the Braves kept things interesting.

To the Braves, for making sure we know when its' OK to admire home runs (hint: never). To the Braves, for reminding us that the crossing home plate after hitting a homer is a privilege not a right. To the Braves, for fighting even yourselves. To the Braves, for bringing Waffle House to baseball and for giving Kate Upton another reason to be on a baseball blog. To the Braves for being all tough, but still having the game's best hugger.

We're not going to bogart this toast. Here's what people had to say about the 2013 Braves. Add your own toast in the comments.

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