That time a fish fell from the sky at Washington Nationals practice

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

File this one away under Weird Things That Happen at Spring Training: The Washington Nationals got an unexpected guest Thursday during batting practice. And it wasn't a racing president. It was a fish.

As the Washington Post tells us, an osprey was flying over the outfield with a fish in its mouth ... when the bird dropped the fish onto the field.

We know what you're thinking. No, it wasn't a gift from the Baseball Gods to Bryce Harper, nor was it a welcome-to-the-team gift for new outfielder Denard Span. Span, however, did watch the whole thing happen. The Post has a video of Span talking about the incident. He said:

“I kept thinking, that’s his dinner. That’s his food. As I was looking down at the fish, I didn’t want him to think that I was trying to take his dinner and have the bird come from behind me or come from the sky and try to attack me. I kept my head on a swivel and made sure the bird didn’t catch me slipping. I’ve never seen that on a baseball field. I’ve seen it on TV, you know, bird carrying their dinner. I’ll tell you what, that bird definitely didn’t have good hands. He dropped his dinner.”

Shortshop Ian Desmond, much more a fisherman than Span, came to the rescue and tossed the fish over the fence. Talking to Curly W Live, he seemed to shrug off the whole thing:

“I’m from here, so I see stuff like that all the time. I’ve seen osprey flying with fish, rats or whatever. Never seen them drop in the middle of the field, though. It was a pretty big fish. I think it was a crappie. I’ve been fishing my whole life. I’ve grabbed plenty of fish before."

If this is the worst thing that happens to The "World Series or Bust" Nats this spring -- who are Yahoo! Sports' No. 1 preseason team -- then we're pretty sure Davey Johnson & Co. will be happy.

Spring training is here. Stretch out with us.
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