Tim McCarver announces he’ll retire after 2013

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Love him or hate him, Fox Sports baseball analyst Tim McCarver has no doubt been a part of your baseball-watching life. That will end soon, as McCarver announced Wednesday that he'll retire after the 2013 season.

Like Mariano Rivera, McCarver is taking one last parade around the league, shacking up next to Joe Buck and calling some baseball games for the final time. Going into this year, McCarver, 71, has called 23 World Series and 28 consecutive postseasons.

"It's time to cut back," he told reporters during a conference call announcing the move.

As much as McCarver has been a fixture in the game, he's also been treated like a punching bag by baseball fans — many of whom will be cheering today's news. Proof: Check out this collection of McCarver-bashing tweets from last year's all-star game.

It's not without cause, either. He does have a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth — like when he compared the Yankees to the Nazis.

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Last year, though, McCarver won the Ford C. Frick Award for excellence in baseball broadcasting, for which he was honored during induction weekend at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Of course, he's also been spoofed on "Family Guy."

That, folks, is the zenith and the nadir of Tim McCarver.

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